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Do you ever find yourself reading a long article and can’t seem to find the information you need?

By typing CTRL + F you can type in keywords to find the information you need. All of the same keywords found on the text will be highlighted green and you can skip through them using the two arrows on the top right search bar.

Taking a screenshot of the whole screen is common, but it could threaten your security. To protect confidential information on your computer screen, you can take a screenshot that reveals only the information you want to be seen by others.

On a Mac, press Command + Shift + 5 to produce a rectangle that you can resize and reposition in order to capture only what is desired.

On Windows 10 enter the Search Bar and type Snipping Tool. This will bring up a helpful tool that lets you capture what you desire.

Does it take you 3 tries to plug in your USB cable?
Worry no more, just by facing the logo of the USB cable up if the plug is set horizontally. If it is set vertically make sure the logo of the USB is facing to your right.

Now you will be able to plug in your USB cable first try!

We have all closed a tab and wanted to reopen it.

When you find yourself in this position you can quickly press control+shift+t to reopen the latest tab you closed.

Or you can click the three dots under the close tab button on the top right and view your history by selecting the fourth option “history” and open your full browsing history.

The Internet Divide Between Rural and Urban America

Many people incorrectly think that everyone around the US has the same internet options. It can be easy to assume that when you move to a rural area, you will have the same internet access that you did when you lived in the city. This is actually not the case

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