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We help internet providers, business, governments, and schools all over the United States with their internet, tv and voice needs. Call us today to see how we can start saving you money with our gigFAST® INTERNET, VOICE and TV services.

RTA DIA Peering

Our DIA services are not typical as we built the network to bring our customers as close to the content as possible. The router wholesale customers plug into at our Primary Datacenters is the same router we peer with the content providers.

We are in the top 1% of BGP adjacencies in the US

We are much more than just DIA:

DDoS Mitigation - 100% satisfaction rate
Inter-network Connections
Multi-homed BGP
VLAN Tagging
We tie your transport into ours
Port to Port Layer 2 VLANs between RTA customer
Locate your own router/switch in our rack

On-Demand Circuits

RTA Network Management

The gigFAST NETWORK™ is approximately 13,000 Fiber Route Miles and proud to be in the top 1% of all BGP speaking networks in the United States (based on BGP adjacencies). The network was built with routing efficiency in mind. RTA wants you to be as close to content providers as possible.

The gigFAST NETWORK™ has Points of Presence in many major Metros across the US. We participate on several major Internet Exchanges and have several Private Interconnects with many major traffic peers.

Dedicated internet access

With our state of the art fiber gigFAST NETWORK, we tailor our DIA package to meet your needs with speeds available up to 100Gbps.

Call or email us today to discuss.

Hosting & edge data centers

RTA offers access to our co-location data centers around the US. We can manage your routers, switches and servers. Our facilities and networks are safe and secure.   Call us and we can customize a package that works for you.

RTA is offering the ability to wholesale RTA’s gigFAST TV™  to its DIA and transport customers.

This is a streaming IPTV platform with all HD channels and Cloud DVR capabilities. Pre-built channel line-ups and many features. Compatible with Roku, Amazon Firestick, Android, Apple TV, and others.

Unlike other options that are out there, RTA is offering a low cost start-up and minimal monthly subscriber fees.

Please call us to get started.

RTA offers ISP’s wholesale gigFAST VOICE™ solutions for your residential and business subscribers.

Personalize your phone services to provide your team and subscribers with a “best-in-class” communication experience.  Don’t settle for cookie-cutter answers to address specific business communication needs.  Our wholesale voice solutions offer a plethora of features and options that we are confident will exceed your subscriber needs.

RTA provides, cloud based phone systems, softphones, VoIP, virtual phone systems, work at home solutions to unify remote workers, and MDU solutions.

We monitor and support your phone system with 24/7 proactive support.

business man on the phone

Transport services

RTA holds master transport purchase agreements with many national and regional carriers such as Conterra, Telia, Zayo, Spectrum, Windstream, Fiberlight, LOGIX and AT&T.

We are happy to assist you with primary and/or redundant ethernet or wave transport to connect your network to the gigFAST NETWORK™ .

With our buying power we can reduce your circuit cost and provide you with a single managed solution with a simple, easy to understand monthly invoice.

We have some offers for you. Please contact us at


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