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Tech tip of the week

Do you want to quickly save an image on your browser?

Simply hold the alt key and click on the image you want to be downloaded.

Did you lose your phone? 

If your phone is connected to your gmail and so is your browser you can use Google to find your phone. Simply type: “Find my phone”

Are you trying to find something on a specific website?
Type “Site:” plus domain name on your search engine browser plus any keyword to help you with your search.

Do you want to find specific text on the web such as lyrics or a quote?

Simply put the text in quotation marks on your search engine of preference.

Do you have trouble remembering passwords?

Set up a password manager and only worry about remembering the master password.

Do you want to quickly open a new tab when clicking a link?

Simply click the link with your scroll wheel to open a new tab immediately.

Did you just send out an email that has a mistake?

Gmail has the ability to unsend emails, but the default setting is five seconds. To give yourself a chance to catch errors set the option for pausing your email delivery to 30 seconds.

Are you getting irrelevant results in your search? Do you ever want to exclude a word from your Google search?

In the browser just add a dash before the word and the search engine will remove all results containing that word.

If you ever find a term or topic you want to research when reading an article on the internet simply highlight the text, right click and choose the “Search Google” option.

Are you tired of typing?
Well, you can use voice command to write your articles out on Google docs by simply enabling Voice Typing from the tools menu.

What is Web3 and is it the future of the internet?

What is Web3? You may have heard “Web3” all over the place, but don’t know what it means. Web3, also known as Web Three or Web3.0, is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web which incorporates concepts such as decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-base economics. Web

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