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Our Story

Committed to supporting America's Rural communities

RTA’s mission is to provide affordable quality broadband to rural America. We are committed to help:

  • Bridge the Digital Divide between urban and rural America
  • Build economic and social prosperity in the rural areas
  • Promote “rural America is open for business” initiative

RTA’s founders believe internet access is a key ingredient for developing rural areas. The internet has become a necessity in modern life for communication, education, health, information services, work and play. The rural/urban digital divide with limited internet capabilities severely limits rural populations from today’s modern life. RTA recognizes this and understands the rural communities are the backbone of America. We are 100% committed to providing reliable gigFAST INTERNET™ to our rural communities. We believe by providing affordable quality internet access, this will improve the health, education and financial well-being of every American, especially those in our rural areas.

Our Pledge

  • Provide the best possible affordable modern internet plans
  • Unlimited data plans
  • No hidden fees
  • No long term contracts

The Bottom Line

Rural America demands modern affordable internet services. RTA looks forward to serving you, earning your trust, and to be your internet provider of choice.