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RTA’s streaming gigFAST TV™ is an app based streaming TV service, only HD channels offered and available for download on your favorite devices.

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Cloud based DVR

Pure HD streaming channels

All HD Channels packages

G1 Package

12 HD channels



Channel Lineup

G2 Package

82 HD channels



Channel Lineup

G3 Package

168 HD channels



Channel Lineup

Premium Channels



CNN en Español (Soon)
Discovery en Español
Discovery Familia
ESPN Deportes
Fox Deportes
History en Español
MTV Tr3s
NBC Universo
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Fantasy HD (with Fight)
Fight HD (with Fantasy)
Game+ (Coming Soon)
Longhorn (Coming Soon)
MavTV (Coming Soon)
Outdoor Channel -Exp-0-34
Pursuit HD < 30
Sportsman Channel -exp3
World Fishing Network
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Starz / Encore


Encore Action HD
Encore Black HD (fka Drama)
Encore Classic (East) HD
Encore HD
Encore Suspense (East) HD
Starz Cinema HD
Starz Comedy HD
Starz Edge HD
Starz in Black HD
Starz (East) HD
Starz Kids & Family HD
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gigFAST TV™ additional options

RTA streaming set-top box

If you don’t want to stream on your own Roku, Amazon Firestick or Apple TV devices, RTA has a solution for you:

RTA’s streaming set-top box can be moved to any room and provide you instant  gigFAST TV™ along with a voice activated remote.  Also, you can control it with your mobile phone, Alexa, Siri and others.

Simultaneous Video Streams

Need more streams on more devices?  Upgrade your plan and let your family enjoy  gigFAST TV™ in every room you have a streaming device:

1 additional stream – $5
2 additional streams – $7
Unlimited streams* – $10

Restart Live TV

Restart live TV on any of the participating channels in the G1 & G2 package for only $1 per month.

This feature comes standard with the G3 offer.

Additional Cloud DVR Storage

RTA offers additional hours of cloud storage for the G1 & G2 packages. Cloud storage offers your favorite shows to be safe and there when you are ready to watch it.  This upgrade offer provides an additional 100 hours of storage and 1 recording stream for $10 per month.

* FEES APPLY:  Retransmission fee for local broadcast channels of $25 along with a Regional Sports fee which varies by area will be added to monthly billing charges.

* DEVICES AND STREAMS: Unlimited number of devices and streams are defined as having a maximum of 20.

* STORAGE: Maximum storage is currently 200 hours.

We have some offers for you. Please contact us at


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We have some offers for you. Please contact us at


Pricing and availability may vary by location


gigFAST™ speeds
Stay connected with all of your devices
Unlimited data and no annual contract
Fiber offers same speeds up and down. Great for video conferencing
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Hear the voices that matter to you
Stay connected with unlimited calling anywhere in North America, Mexico, and beyond!
RTA Voice has no added taxes or fees,and no dropped calls.
Plus, in the event of an emergency 911 finds you when you call from your home phone.
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It’s time to cut the cable and satellite!
Get all the great cable channels without all the great cable hassles
Only HD channels. Stop paying for unwanted SD channels
Watch any live channel for up to 72 hours
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G1 Package

12 HD channels

G2 Package

82 HD channels

G3 Package

168 HD channels

+ The 50 continuous music channels of the Stingray Music service


What are retransmission fees?
The fees that local broadcast stations charge cable operators and other multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) customers to show their programming.
Retransmission consent is a provision of the 1992 United States Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act that requires cable operators and other multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) to obtain permission from commercial broadcasters before carrying their programming. Under the provision, a broadcast station (or its affiliated/parent broadcast network) can ask for monetary payment or other compensation, such as carriage of an additional channel. If the cable operator rejects the broadcaster’s proposal, the station can prohibit the cable operator from retransmitting its signal.

Additional information:

If you are unhappy with paying these fees given they are transmitted free over the air, we would suggest you contact the folks listed below. Please ask to have this provision removed the Communications Act of 1934 Also Known As the 1992 Cable Act; Cable Television Protection and Competition Act: – Ted Cruz resides on the Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation with the Subcommittee on Communications, Media, and Broadband.

Your local broadcast channel General Managers.

Regional Sports Fee
To transmit the Houston Astro’s and Rockets we must retransmit AT&T Sportsnet. AT&T charges RTA this fee to rebroadcast this station.

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