Wondering how fast your internet really is?
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gigFAST®, Affordable, internet services with no contract!


Stay connected with all of your devices.

RTA is always connected to make sure you’ll see the photos of the kids growing up, hear the voices of loved ones too far away, and be able to connect anytime day or night with gigFAST™ speed and zero frustration.

Fast symmetrical internet for E-Learning, Telemedicine, Telework and Entertainment.

Hear the voices that matter to you.

Nothing can replace the sound of another person’s voice. Stay connected with unlimited calling anywhere in the US.  International rates vary and apply for all calls outside the USA.

gigFAST VOICE™ is crystal clear.  In the event of an emergency,  911 finds you when you call from your home phone.

It's time to cut the cable!

Get all the great cable channels without all the great cable hassles such as, paying for a bunch of Standard Definition (SD channels) you do not use.

gigFAST TV™ is a modern streaming app based service and all channels are High Definition (HD).  Just download to your favorite device and you are off and watching.

If you have satellite, gigFAST TV™ will be there for you when its raining.  There’s a reason our network is named the gigFAST NETWORK™!

More choice. Less cost. gigFAST TV™!

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