From the inception of the internet age, there has been a digital divide. The urban areas are separated from the rural areas based on ” Access”.  Access to ICT gadgets and products. The rural areas of the USA have had less access to internet services than the urban areas.

In the rural areas of the USA, high-speed internet seems to be a rare thing. Both wired and wireless internet connections are not as efficient as those in urban areas.  Despite several renovations, the internet conditions in the rural areas are still not satisfactory.

Business owners want to do more online; schools want more online, and everyone wants to do more online. The prevailing internet standard is 25 megabits per second for downloading and 3 megabits per second for uploading. One would effortlessly stream videos and carry out other high-traffic internet activities with these internet speeds.

However, these internet speeds are not accessible to rural residents. Rural dwellers in the US have limited options for internet service providers. And this is where gigFAST internet could be of help.

Reasons Rural America Needs gigFAST Internet

gigFAST is the latest and fastest broadband. The speed of this broadband can range from about 200Mbps to 900Mbps. gigFAST utilizes a fiber-optic to link your home directly with telephone exchanges. This provides you with a good broadband connection.

gigFAST might be the panacea to the current internet problems of rural areas. And here are some reasons rural areas must embrace gigFAST internet;

Greater Access to Educational Materials

The usual thing for young people in rural areas of the US is to further their education when they’re done with high school. We’re now in a vast and growing world of online education. Everything and anything is online. Education

materials of every level ( high school, colleges, higher institutions, trade school ). With just one click, they’re at your disposal.

Several educational activities can be done online when there’s access to high-speed internet, such as virtual classes, online tests, and assessments. Fast internet will also enable you to download textbooks easily, watch educational videos, and listen to audio. Most of these activities require high bandwidth.

The only thing that can impede this accessibility is the lack of access to stable and high-speed internet. But using a gigFAST internet will make all these constantly available to rural dwellers.

Growth Of Small Businesses

If you take advantage of the fast internet opportunities, you can effortlessly grow your business. One of these opportunities is a global-audience advertisement. With fast internet, you can easily create an online presence for your business. This makes your business visible to anyone anywhere in the world.

This implies that this reliable broadband results in a reduced cost of operation and increasing revenue for rural businesses. A poor internet connection can ruin your virtual meeting with potential customers who want to see your products. Using a gigFAST internet eliminates this worry.

Better Health Care Services

In today’s world, fast internet access in rural areas guarantees the rural dwellers improved healthcare. A 21st-century hospital incorporates internet services into its medical services. This makes it easy for the doctors in rural areas to diagnose quickly and reduces the rate at which people go to urban areas for medical treatment.

These internet services come in handy in several medical activities. These include virtual meetings with medical personnel, virtually-guided surgical operations, video call appointments, access to medical journals, learning about rare medical cases reported anywhere globally, etc. 

Nevertheless, all these require a stable and reliable high bandwidth internet service. You wouldn’t want the internet connection to go off in the middle of a virtually-guided surgical operation.  This is why you need high-speed internet.

Fast Internet Harmonises Communities

Fast internet can foster better and healthy relationships among rural communities. Stable internet access connects the rural communities and with the global economy.  Rural communities can easily discuss matters affecting them in a virtual meeting that can be set up in minutes rather than traveling miles for a physical meeting.

Connects Rural Areas With Urban Areas

A fast internet connects rural communities with the urban areas and the global economy. This provides the rural areas with resources that might be out of their reach. It also provides them with knowledge of what to do to improve their development.

This way, fast internet ensures that the rural areas aren’t left behind.

Better Farms 

This is good news for farmers in rural areas of the US. A gigFAST internet provides the farmers with several technologies designed to improve their yield and reduce their risk.

Also, a gigFAST internet provides farmers with swift access to several resources that make farming easy. This includes information on improved crop species, improved varieties of dairy animals, etc.

Interested farmers would have to link a wired high-speed internet to their main building, coupled with some transmitters and wired internet, to other areas on their farm.

Bridges Distance Barrier Between Families

A gigFAST internet enables the users to stay in touch with their relatives. The days of having to post letters and wait for days to get a reply is over. Calling over phones is also archaic these days. The world is evolving, and so are the means of communication.

Grandparents can be in their retirement homes and still watch their grandchildren play with toys in another city in real-time. High-speed internet bridges the communication gap.

Real-Time Updates

Another importance of fast internet to rural dwellers is that it provides users with real-time updates. With this, rural dwellers will be informed on events, news, and occurrences in the US and the world.

 Rural areas that don’t have access to these high-speed internet services depend on costly internet services to stay updated.

Increases Job Availability

A gigFAST internet makes several services available in rural areas. New companies and new businesses come in. With these new improvements, there are new employment opportunities. This reduces the unemployment rate in rural areas and the United States of America.

Enlarges Your Business Audience

Almost everyone uses a GPS these days. With fast internet access, your business will come up in Google searches. This directs visitors to your business


A gigFAST internet is a must-have. It is an essential tool for the development of rural areas.