Nowadays the time and the distances are shorter thanks to technology. Communication involves more and more and every day the world is connected with technological devices. For example, in each home, there is a minimum of 3 devices per person. And now with services like google, youtube, Alexa, and more, you can be cooking, searching for a recipe in google, and listening to music on youtube. All these devices are included in the term loT, which means the internet of things. This term is used to describe devices that connect to each other. This new term is related to the actual form of life and this can cause problems with your internet connection, making it slower. 

What is IoT, and why does it matter to me?

As we said before, the term IoT or Internet of Things is used to describe devices that connect. In other words, it refers to the collective networking of connected devices. Thanks to the creation of chips and high bandwidth devices this is a reality, all the information of each user is attached to the cloud and all more intelligent machines can respond to what users want. 

It works through the collection and exchange of data. And this system has three components:

1. Things: these are physical objects that include sensors that sense the physical environment like the speed of a car. And Actuators that affect the physical environment, like a brake controller of a car. 

2. Internet: this has two descriptions, one is platforms which is a type of middleware that provide different functions, like data analytics, access to devices, and ensuring proper installation. And the second one is the services which are the cloud services like processing big data or Optimizing business processes. 

3. Connectivity: this has one description networks are components that are tied together by networks, like wireline technologies or protocols that provide pervasive connectivity.

But why does all of this matter to us? It is elementary because the devices are evolving and the information is ordered in different ways. The devices are interconnected, so they are communicating with each other. These intelligent devices collect information and determine parameters for the programming-specific results. 

It can also affect the speed of your internet. This is a problem because one device can have different bandwidths,s and people don’t realize it. All the devices can hog up your bandwidth and it can cause a big loss of your connection and internet speed. 

Also, IoT can impact your business’s work because it can better understand the specific results that you need and improve your work skills and processes. 

What devices take up bandwidth?

Mostly the devices that take up bandwidth are:

  • Home assistants, like Hey Google, Alexa, and others.
  • Security systems, like audio recording and cameras. 
  • Video Streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and others streaming.
  • Social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and others. 
  • Online games, with video quality to SD. 

And more devices like Smart TVs, phones, tablets, door locks, and doorbells.