RTA is an ACP provider in Texas, that helps people keep connected with their service. The internet service they provide is dedicated to bringing forward an efficient gigiFAST INTERNET.


Our affordable gigiFAST INTERNET is the most efficient, fastest, reliable, and accessible internet service that you can find in the Texas. The service doesn’t require any contract, you have the freedom to choose the better option that best suits you. Also have no data limits that make you able to surf the web much as you want, without worrying about data overage charges.  And finally, we have a 12-month price guarantee with no contract, sign up for a gigFAST INERNET plan today!

Why gigiFAST INTERNET is efficient? 

The service of gigiFAST INTERNET doesn’t work with DSL, cable, or a satellite network., It works with fiber internet, which is a broadband connection that can speed up to 940 Megabits per second and that is why it is more efficient and fast.