Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and RTA couldn’t be happier!

RTA Chairman, Donald Workman and other team members were on hand for the 9th annual WISPAPALOOZA in Las Vegas, NV at the RIO. The 4-day event brings together representatives from various tech companies to meet and introduce new technologies that will be the standard of operation going forward.

With a vision to expand to targeted communities throughout the rural United States, it was the aim of Rural Telecommunications of America (RTA) to meet as many WISP owners and potential technology vendors as possible.


As we open our playbook for the rest of 2019 and 2020 and beyond, it’s essential for RTA to not only grow our network subscribers but also our technology, products, and services.

The internet is the modern-day Main Street. In order to access business opportunities in the modern economy you need fast, reliable, internet access as much as you need a phone or electricity. In the future, that need will continue to grow. A need we have a plan to meet at Rural Telecommunications of America, Inc.

Join us in our mission of CONNECTING AMERICA.