How has the Internet Impacted Businesses?

The internet has had a massive impact in every aspect but in business, it has been a positive impact. This is because the way industry is done has changed a lot and the needs of human beings have changed. Let’s see a little part of the history of the internet.

But first, let’s look back a few years between 1960 and 1970 the researchers Lawrence G. Roberts and Leonard Kleinrock create the first data transmission system known as ARPANET. This new system was the first step to evolving the internet world.  This evolution takes us to the year 1991 when the “www” World Wild Web is born, which are protocol for the bidirectional use of the internet. And then in 1992, a significant event had a very important paper in the inflection of intent, the Congress declares that companies can use the Internet for commercial purposes. 

Below is a list of how the internet has impacted businesses and companies. 


The capacity of organizations to communicate is very important in both internal and external communication. The ability to create a link between employees and customers today is due to the effectiveness of the internet. Now the main communication tool in organizations is instant messaging or email. Social networks have also taken businesses to another level, making information accessible to customers. 

Digital Advertising 

The importance of digital advertising has generated new groups of consumers, and it is becoming more and more global. All the brands expand their objectives in digital advertising. The implementation of websites, and search engine optimization SEO, allow millions of potential customers to find the brand and the business. 

A Broader Market 

The internet makes possible a broader market that companies can now market their products from the other side of the world. Now the needs of customers are expanding, this creates more competition. However, with the internet, the business can assess the needs of consumers and evolve its brand to grow as a company. The tools with which you can meet the needs of consumers are surveys, feedback forms, and on website comments. It is super important to consider these tools to manage the brand and everything can be done thanks to the internet. 

Remote Work

Before the pandemic, remote working becomes more popular. Businesses can offer the employees to work from home online. This is an advantage because the companies can see overhead costs because of the less needing for office space. Also, fewer services are used on a day-to-day basis. 

The internet has allowed many people to work from home and with RTA’s gigiFAST INTERNET service, the speed and efficiency are getting better and faster.  

Collaboration with other companies 

The internet has made possible effective and efficient collaboration with other companies. This is because the distance is not a disadvantage to create ties between companies. The big companies that have different locations in the world may have webinars and collaborate on projects with other companies. 


The internet allows companies to process a new system based on their websites and communicate the identity of the brand very easily and efficiently. The internet impact how we see the world today and evolve communications, in that way for the business world the internet assumed an important role in how they provide services and changes customers’ needs.