Internet of Things America LLC (IoT America) and Rural Telecommunications of America, Inc. (RTA)

today announced a partnership to offer the benefits of advanced technologies in wireless, data analytics and visualization to customers living and working in rural markets across the United States.

These solutions, which leverage the connected technology of the internet of things, create greater business value and quality of life for customers in traditionally underserved non-urban areas, including farms, ranches, municipalities, airports, hospitals, light industrial companies and more.

“Our advanced technology solutions enable customers to achieve increased production, greater yields, lower costs and better management of valuable resources”, said Pete DeNagy, President of IoT America. “Whether it is tracking devices or tanks, facility monitoring or anything in between, rural customers now have a cost-effective way to reduce the complexity of evolving into a digitally-enhanced business by utilizing the latest in smart technology”.

Initially, IoT America will provide soil monitoring, asset tracking and tank level monitoring solutions for RTA customers.

Soil monitoring allows farmers to monitor soil temperature and moisture at various depths coupled with humidity and ambient air temperature. With this information, farmers have an opportunity to conduct smarter irrigation strategies to increase yields, conserve resources and, in some cases, comply with regulations.

Asset tracking offers businesses ranging from farms and ranches to manufacturing, shipping and more, to track valuable assets such as vehicles, equipment and more. Asset tracking is key to enhancing productivity, time-and-cost savings, quality and increased safety.

Tank level monitoring solutions include diesel and water tank level monitoring. These solutions allow businesses from family farm operations to large co-ops to achieve better facility performance and uptime for livestock and machinery. Through fewer truck rolls, businesses can have better time utilization and reduce costs.

“We are extremely excited to partner with IoT America because they share the same values, goals and RTA’s commitment to delivering high-value, affordable services to America’s rural communities”, said Donald Workman, Chairman at RTA. “Through this partnership, we will be able to help growers, ranchers, towns and businesses save time and money, boost productivity, increase farm yields and conserve our valuable natural resources, while allowing our nation’s farmers to compete more effectively on the world market.”

IoT America and RTA will manage every aspect of implementation and delivery of IoT technologies, including installation, sensor management and ongoing monitoring, as well as data analytics.

About Internet of Things America LLC

IoT America is a managed service provider that is redefining the wireless ecosystem and extending innovative technologies to rural America. As a managed services provider, we help customers access the data they need to make actionable decisions to boost efficiency, increase yields, reduce costs and conserve valuable resources. Because we believe technology should pay for itself, our IoT solutions generate greater revenue for clients by combining wireless communication, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. Visit for more information.

About Rural Telecommunications of America, Inc. (RTA)

RTA provides affordable modern internet and e-connectivity solutions for rural America. At RTA we believe in internet for all and through RTA’s nationwide network, RTA is committed to help bridge the digital divide between urban and rural America, build economic and social prosperity in the rural areas and promote rural America is open for business. Visit us at

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