RTA Committed To Improving Rural Broadband Access

Houston, TX RTA | Rural Telecommunications of America reaffirmed our pledge to improving rural broadband connectivity

last week at the 2019 WISPAmerica gathering at Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati, OH.

We cannot allow rural America to be left behind because of the lack of internet access to participate, compete, and thrive in our world’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

RTA Chairman, Donald Workman, stated “RTA is steadfast in building a dedicated nationwide rural America broadband network, leveraging many of the latest modern technologies such as 5G and 4GLTE, not because it is easy to do but because it is the right thing to do.”

Currently, 25% of US schoolchildren live in rural communities, 25% of all rural hospitals will close in less than a decade, and 23M rural people lack any broadband. Without vastly improved broadband services in rural America, it won’t be long until the already sparse number of business opportunities dry up as well. Rural areas are the backbone of our nation and deserve modern broadband to have access to educational resources, telemedicine and not be hampered by the worldwide wait.

The anemic access of broadband services in rural America has often been talked about over the past two decades, resulting in little more than empty promises from many actors. Now, as rural American communities crawl behind the rest of the nation and much of the world, the current broadband situation has become critical.

RTA CEO, Jim Edwards, stated RTA has a plan and the resources to take decisive action to provide the latest broadband technology to our rural areas that will fulfill our mission to create a positive impact on people, society, and the nation.

RTA | Rural Telecommunications of America, Inc. is committed to help:

Bridge the Digital Divide between urban and rural America

Build economic and social prosperity in the rural areas

Promote “rural America is open for business” initiative

About – Rural Telecommunications of America (RTA) plans to provide Rural America with affordable modern broadband.