Referral Program

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Refer your Family members, Friends and Neighbors to receive RTA gigFAST Service and both of you will receive a

$50 + $50 = $100

A $50 credit is applied to both parties for each referral and subsequent service activation.

We don’t believe in limits, so refer as many people as possible and continue to receive $50 credits.

How does it work?

Note: Your referral will need your phone number or email address.
Ask your referral to contact RTA through the website or call their local office to confirm your referral can get gigFAST service.
Note: Your referral will need your phone number or email address.
Once your referral becomes an active customer, both you and your referral receive a $50 credit on your respective accounts.
At the end of each billing cycle, we apply the $50 credit to your account for every new account that becomes active in the last 30 days.

Example, if you refer 4 friends to RTA and those friends become active RTA gigFAST INTERNET customers, your friends will receive a $50 credit on their first billing cycle and you will receive a $200 credit on your account.
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If you are interested in RTA’s services in your area, please send us an email or call to our main office.

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