Why is your internet slow?

Working at home, studying, or even watching a movie annoys the slow-loading internet. We understand that navigating the internet requires a lot of patience. These recommendations are also for you to learn how the internet connection works and find a solution before calling the service. 

5 ways to deal with a slow internet connection

  1. 1. First of all look at your hardware

Sometimes something minimal is misconfigured in the router or modem for this reason we suggest you do a quick reset by turning off or unplugging them for a few minutes. Then turn them on again, wait for a little and load the internet page again. 

We also recommend checking the internet on another computer or phone, since there are times that it is the computer and not the modem or router. 

  1. 2. Repair your WiFi signal 

There are times when the modem and WiFi are updating, however, there is a bad signal. We recommend you locate it in a more central area so it can supply your entire home. Reposition, adjusting, and enhancing your modem can help you to reestablish a good signal. 

Positioning the modem or router in a central area will help it find more satellite signals and make the internet more efficient and effective. We recommend you not hide it as it can interfere with the signal, and the internet may not reach other parts of your home. 

  1. 3. Neutralize bandwidth-hogging apps

If you are browsing sites with a lot of ads and apps, this can make your internet became slower. Also if your computer is running operations like Google Drive or Dropbox, this can slow your internet connection. We recommend you install extensions like AdBlock Plus, Privacy Badger, or FlashBlock to block ads and videos that can suck your bandwidth and slow down your computer. 

  1. 4. Work Smart 

If you are going to work with apps that are heavy for your connection, try to prioritize your tasks smartly. For example, separate the activities that you are going to need bandwidth-heavy and light ones. Prioritize the heavies ones, working one at a time, first. And then you can perform the light ones, working several simultaneously without affecting the connection.   

To work more efficiently you can disable the internet in programs like Google Drive, Documents, or Sheets. By looking for configuration and deactivating it for making your internet connection more efficient and faster. 

  1. 5. Consider upgrading your internet plan 

You should view which plans you have. It may be possible that your plan is old and requires higher bandwidth to reach all the devices in your home. You can consider checking your internet speed on online sites or also log onto your account and check which plan may suit you and call to make your change. 

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