The internet’s role in business today

The internet has become an integral part of virtually all businesses, while high-speed internet has always been a challenge for rural businesses. For your business to run as smoothly and hitch-free as possible, it is critical to have an internet that is fast, reliable, and secure.

A high-speed internet connection is essential in breaking down communication barriers in relation to time and distance. It can also allow rural businesses to expand their target audience way beyond their geographic base.

gigFAST internet conveniently provides those values at an affordable price for the regular American. After installation, it will help your business consistently operate with reliability and blazing internet speeds.

So, let us discuss how gigFAST internet can successfully evolve your rural business.

How gigFAST Internet™ Can Evolve Your Rural Business

Greater Versatility

Slow internet speeds will limit the number of possible applications and services that your business can provide. For instance, when there is a slow internet speed, your business will not be able to hold video conference calls with suppliers or vendors in a different country or state whenever necessary.

A slow internet speed will also not give room for your business to use VOIP services, transfer large files, or use cloud services. While on the other hand, a fast and high internet speed will allow you to carry out those operations with ease, which describes excellent versatility.

With the restrictions that come with a slow internet speed, it explains your business being blocked from the freedom to participate in the full range of business opportunities that a gigFAST internet puts in place.

Expansion of Business

When you make your rural business have access to the high-speed internet connection that gigFAST offers, you will be amazed at how much profit and expansion the business will experience. As a rural business owner, your customer base is not limited to your area. But a high-speed internet will allow you to reach many customers that are not in your area, which a slow internet will undoubtedly prevent you from connecting with.

Furthermore, having a high-speed internet connection will give your business the option to develop a website and provide products and services to a much broader customer base, far beyond the boundaries of your rural community.

Improved Worker Productivity

For several rural businesses, daily internet use is needed for their employees. But a slow internet connection drastically slows down productivity.

Any business task that requires an internet connection can slow down production significantly. Although it may appear like only a few seconds or minutes were lost when responses are not given or delivered at the right time, that lost productivity adds up per time every day till you realize how dwindling your productivity is and that of your workers.

When you have a strong internet connection, your workers will always be on their toes to deliver as and when due, and there will be no such thing as frustration or discouragement due to poor internet connection.

An Improved and Better Security

Online security is now a priority for almost all types of businesses. Most businesses depend on credit card transactions and benefit from the additional security that a faster internet connection grants.

With a high-speed internet connection, credit card claims will get processed much more swiftly as compared to a slow internet connection, and there will be maximum protection against cybercrime, since the only means to penetrate the system is to cut the fibers literally.

In conclusion, the loss of sensitive customer and business data is less likely to occur when you have a secure, high-speed internet connection.

A Better Customer Service

For many customers in this age and century, high-speed internet is a criterion before patronizing any business. They want their requests and purchases to be processed without delay, and they want to be able to connect with a business online without a hitch, irrespective of the location.

When there is frequent smooth interaction and business discussions with your customers, it creates a pleasant experience for them, translating into happy customers.

Once customers realize that your business has a strong internet connection that can be successfully worked with at any time, a positive impression of your business is created in their hearts, which will encourage a long-term relationship with your business, as well as referrals.

A Quicker Cloud Access

When your business has a fast internet connection and increased bandwidth capabilities, you will have quick access to any cloud-based application and data. As computing in the cloud continues to be a significant factor in business growth, having a fiber-optic internet like gigFAST will be critical for your business to remain competitive.

Saving Money

Each of the reasons mentioned above can help add up to increased savings for your business. By working faster with less downtime and lesser worries about security, the bottom line of nearly all types of businesses can get improved.

In addition, while the initial investment to purchase and install a gigFAST internet will probably cost more than using other types of internet, the business productivity and long-term savings will make the expensive initial investment worth it.


With the usage of gigFAST internet, you would be bidding a slow-speed internet connection a farewell. But in case it appears there’s no connection, you can perform a reboot by turning off for a few minutes, whatever system you’re using (phone or computer), and turn it back on. Thereafter, try connecting again to the internet.

If the problem persists, confirm if the issue is occurring on just a particular device or multiple devices. If the problem is occurring on multiple devices, then you can find where the gigFAST equipment is plugged into power (often where the router is or perhaps in the attic). When you locate the equipment, unplug it from power for a few seconds, and then plug it in again.