You may have heard the term “Cutting the Cord” and you may think this is just for Millennials, but that’s not the case. The reality “Cutting the Cord” is really about saving money while being able to view the content you want, when you want, and then being able to pick and choose specialty programs you may want to view like a sporting event, concert, or documentary.

Most of us have purchased Cable TV or Satellite TV at one time or another and found over time the monthly bills keep going higher and higher while the number of channels we watch goes lower and lower. The reality is that when you’re connected to Cable TV or Satellite services, you only watch about 10% of the channels you are paying for. THAT is the real beginning for Cutting the Cord. It means to use alternative solutions for TV Entertainment you want and not paying for what you don’t use.

The challenge in many rural areas to Cutting the Cord is finding an Internet provider that can offer you affordable, reliable, modern broadband services that is fully capable of streaming video consistently. While RTA may not be in your area yet we are expanding through rural America every day. In any case, the basics are having access to the Internet and the ability to stream video content.

Viewing your favorite shows, cable channels, and movies on demand is made possible by the internet from content providers. These are commonly called Over Top (OTT) providers.

Some well known OTT providers include:

Here’s How It Works:

First, select an internet provider which can provide you with enough bandwidth for your video streaming needs. We would recommend plans that offer at least 10m.

Remember, the more bandwidth the better your experience.

Now you’re ready to choose your OTT provider(s) depending on the programs, channels, networks, and programming you want to watch.

Earlier we touched on finding an Internet Provider. Typically, in Rural areas the choices are limited and the available options are overpriced and not reliable.


  • DSL – Expensive and limited on bandwidth offerings
  • Cable – Expensive – has limitations
  • Fiber – Expensive, however, the best medium for internet if available
  • Satellite – Expensive and prone to outages when cloudy or rainy. Also, given the distance from the earth, know to experience transmission delay.
  • Wireless Internet – Affordable and provides the streaming capabilities required for streaming video. Much more reliable than Satellite.

Some Final Thoughts:

We hope you have found this brief overview of Cutting the Cord helpful.

RTA Wireless capabilities are expanding every day and have become the most affordable option for rural residents.

To find out more about how RTA can help you Cut the Cord, contact us now.