As the modern national and world economies rapidly change to embrace more digital enterprises, it is pushing the American Dream farther and farther away from rural America. With the rapid pace of technology advances, cloud computing, and communication technologies which are connecting global commerce and increasing productivity, rural America is left standing still because of a lack of access to high-speed broadband internet service.

Is it really that easy to sum up this problem down to one simple fix?


Engaging in the modern economy requires high-speed broadband connectivity to the internet in every corner of United States and without it rural America will continue to experience a growing decline of opportunity, lagging skills, education and abandonment by those who can and choose to get out.

As Rural Telecommunications of America, Inc. (RTA) expands to targeted communities throughout the rural United States, residents in these communities will be empowered to launch and run a modern business, access a wide range of online classes and training, and enjoy the convenience and timeliness of telemedicine to digitally transform their home, town, and reshape the future for their children.

Bringing this sort of transformation to pass in communities dotting the landscape of America also presents an opportunity for investment and significant reward.

High-speed broadband internet access is as needed now to participate in the modern economy as a phone or electricity. In the future, that need will continue to grow. A need we have a plan to meet at Rural Telecommunications of America, Inc.

Join us in our mission of CONNECTING AMERICA.