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Tech tip of the week

How to set up a disaster recovery plan?

Identify Critical Operations, the operations that are critical to the function of your business, evaluate Disaster Scenarios, create a Communication Plan, develop a Data Backup and Recovery Plan. Then, test your plan.

How to stop guessing when to leave?

Google Maps lets you set a departure time or an arrival time. This will help you to get an estimate of when you should arrive for an appointment. By setting an arrival time, you receive an estimate on when you should leave your current location to make it on time.

How to avoid tickets with Google Maps?

Use Speed traps to alert you about upcoming speed traps. To turn it on, select your profile icon in the app’s upper right corner, tap Settings, and select Navigation. Make sure your toggle for Show speed limits is on. 

How to use Siri or Google Assistant to disable weak Wi-Fi?

Weak Wi-Fi slows you down and puts you at risk if you’re connecting to an unsecured or untrustworthy network. Instead of going through menus, ask Siri or Google Assistant to do it for you. A simple “Hey Siri, turn off my Wi-Fi” will do the trick.

Secure your email:

Go to Gmail, click Compose, in the bottom right of the window, click turn on confidential mode, set an expiration date and passcode. Then, click Save.

How to unsubscribe from services you’re not using anymore?

You can look through your bank records and make a note of recurring subscription payments. Such as using a specialized budgeting spreadsheet to help you cut expenses with services that you aren’t using.

How to avoid tickets with Google Maps?

Use Speed traps to alert you about upcoming speed traps. To turn it on, select your profile icon in the app’s upper right corner, tap Settings, and select Navigation. Make sure your toggle for Show speed limits is on. 

How to say goodbye to your messy cluster of cables?

If you’ve ever looked down at a tangle of cables and sighed, going wireless cleans up the clutter in your home and makes life easier. 

How to access free transcripts of your meetings?

Use Otter records and transcripts in real time, within a couple of minutes, you will get access to searchable transcripts to find whatever you need. You can also playback your recording, and highlight or add comments.

How to double your internet speed? 

Change your Domain Name System or DNS, this system transforms complicated IP addresses into memorable site names.

How to use your pencil eraser for something useful?

Use a pencil eraser to clean any of your dirty white charging cables to clean up the marks.

How to store a digital signature on your Mac?

Create a virtual signature you can use on a Mac using the Preview app, hit Tools in Preview, choose Annotate, select Signature, and select Manage signatures.

How to use a Post-it for useful reasons?

Clean out your keyboard with the sticky side of a Post-it note, run it through each row of your keys.

How to create a secret world of conversation with your iPhone?

Open the Notes app, from the list of notes, swipe left on the one you want to share and tap on the person icon to add someone. You can also open a note, tap the three dots, then Share Note. Under Share Options, choose Can Make Changes. Then, you can send your note via text or email.

How to turn your phone into a security cam?

Turn on your phone, laptop, desktop computer or tablet into a motion-activated security cam with just a couple clicks using

How to use built-in dictation to send texts with Siri or Google Assistant?

For Windows PC, press the Windows Key + H to open the dictation toolbar. For Mac, click the Apple logo, then System Preferences, choose Keyboard > Dictation and make sure this is set to On. Then, open a document, tap the cursor, then tap your shortcut (Control Key). A microphone will appear. Hit Done when you’re finished.

How to share a Nest Cam video feed:

Use the option for a password-protected link, sign in to the Nest app with a computer and select the camera sharing option, then choose share with password.

Do you want to quickly save an image on your browser?

Simply hold the alt key and click on the image you want to be downloaded.

Did you lose your phone? 

If your phone is connected to your gmail and so is your browser you can use Google to find your phone. Simply type: “Find my phone”

Are you trying to find something on a specific website?
Type “Site:” plus domain name on your search engine browser plus any keyword to help you with your search.

Do you want to find specific text on the web such as lyrics or a quote?

Simply put the text in quotation marks on your search engine of preference.

Do you have trouble remembering passwords?

Set up a password manager and only worry about remembering the master password.

Do you want to quickly open a new tab when clicking a link?

Simply click the link with your scroll wheel to open a new tab immediately.

Did you just send out an email that has a mistake?

Gmail has the ability to unsend emails, but the default setting is five seconds. To give yourself a chance to catch errors set the option for pausing your email delivery to 30 seconds.

Are you getting irrelevant results in your search? Do you ever want to exclude a word from your Google search?

In the browser just add a dash before the word and the search engine will remove all results containing that word.

If you ever find a term or topic you want to research when reading an article on the internet simply highlight the text, right click and choose the “Search Google” option.

Are you tired of typing?
Well, you can use voice command to write your articles out on Google docs by simply enabling Voice Typing from the tools menu.

Are you attempting to search for an exact set of words on the internet?

On Google you can use quotation marks to find that exact text or quote.

Is your computer experiencing speed issues? Are you seeing the old version of a website? Try clearing your cache by pressing Ctrl + Shift + R.

Note: this will also refresh your page.

Do you ever find yourself wondering what color or font is a website using? 

There is no need to download any browser plugin, just right-click and click inspect or CTRL + Shift + I and you will see the fonts, and colors that the website is using.

Do you ever find yourself reading a long article and can’t seem to find the information you need?

By typing CTRL + F you can type in keywords to find the information you need. All of the same keywords found on the text will be highlighted green and you can skip through them using the two arrows on the top right search bar.

Taking a screenshot of the whole screen is common, but it could threaten your security. To protect confidential information on your computer screen, you can take a screenshot that reveals only the information you want to be seen by others.

On a Mac, press Command + Shift + 5 to produce a rectangle that you can resize and reposition in order to capture only what is desired.

On Windows 10 enter the Search Bar and type Snipping Tool. This will bring up a helpful tool that lets you capture what you desire.

Does it take you 3 tries to plug in your USB cable?
Worry no more, just by facing the logo of the USB cable up if the plug is set horizontally. If it is set vertically make sure the logo of the USB is facing to your right.

Now you will be able to plug in your USB cable first try!

We have all closed a tab and wanted to reopen it.

When you find yourself in this position you can quickly press control+shift+t to reopen the latest tab you closed.

Or you can click the three dots under the close tab button on the top right and view your history by selecting the fourth option “history” and open your full browsing history.

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