What is fiber optic internet?

Fiber optic internet is an internet connection that uses fiber optics to deliver internet to your desired location. Fiber optic internet is used both at home and in businesses throughout America. 

How does fiber optic internet work?

There are various ways of delivering fiber optic internet. The primary 3 are FTTP, FTTB, and FTTC. You will likely not receive all 3 options to deliver internet to your home or business, but it will be the fastest internet option regardless of the delivery method. 

5 advantages of fiber optic internet

1. Speed

Fiber optic internet is known to deliver over 1000 Mbps per second on a regular basis. Compared to DSL it is 50 Mbps per second and cable will reach a maximum of 1000 Mbps under perfect conditions. Fiber optic is known to be able to reach up to 2000 Mbps if in perfect conditions.

If you want to check your internet connection to see if you should switch to a faster internet provider, we have a full guide on how to check your internet connection speeds.

2. Symmetrical Speeds

Fiber optic internet is the only internet connection that delivers symmetrical upload and download speeds on a regular basis. Uploading information can be as critical as downloading information from the internet. For example when on a video call you will be both uploading and downloading information from the web. You will want to have a symmetrical internet connection so you will be able to have interruption-free video calls on both ends. If you want to learn more about the importance of a symmetrical internet connection read this article.

3. Safety

When it comes to safety, internet speeds play a vital role in improving safety for all. The US government proposed the National Broadband Plan in 2010 that calls for a more robust and faster internet connection for all first responders to keep Americans safe.

The reason for faster internet speeds is to be able to communicate crucial information during times of emergency as efficiently as possible. Fiber optic internet is known for delivering more reliable notification delivery times.

4. Better Gaming & Streaming

With faster download speeds you can have a flawless streaming experience with no interruptions and setting the quality of the video to its highest setting. If you are thinking of or already own a 4k TV or monitor, you should seriously consider switching to fiber optic internet since 4k video streaming requires more bandwidth.

Gaming is another activity that can require a ton of bandwidth. Fiber optic internet is widely known as the best internet connection for gaming, so what are you waiting for?

5. No Throttling

When using DSL or Cable you have very likely experienced throttling by your internet service provider. DSL and Cable have very limited bandwidth loads and if your internet provider is experiencing high traffic they might lower your bandwidth capacities for the time being.


Fiber optic internet is clearly the best option for your business and home, that is why RTA Rural Telecommunications of America has made it a goal of theirs to provide gigFAST INTERNET to all of rural America to make it a better place to live and help their fellow Americans reach their “American Dream”.