The human connection, it cannot be duplicated with any other being and it cannot be replicated with technology. There is an unmatched value of knowing we are connected to someone else and it is our connections that are the single greatest catalysts for a person’s happiness. We’ve known that for a while but the truth is, we’ve been trying to ignore and escape it.

Until now.

Our current quarantine situation has us wanting to break free from being socially isolated. Taking the time to connect with those you love has many benefits and tech makes connecting easier than ever!

Here are 8 ways technology can help connect you with loved ones:

1. Phone

It’s an oldie, but still a goodie. There’s something so comforting about hearing a familiar voice and the immediacy and emotional connection of a conversation with a loved one.

2. Email/Text

The written word continues to be a powerful way to connect with others. With email and text you can reach out one-on-one, or to a group, and include attachments with images, videos and more.

3. Video Chat

Parents, grandparents or other loved ones may live too far away to visit through the window but with a solid internet connection, and a webcam, there isn’t anything standing in your way of checking in and spending a few moments together via video chat.

A real plus is that web cams are usually pretty affordable and if your family members don’t have them, it might be a nice gift idea.

4. Group Text/Chats

When the entire family gets together on a video chat, it could prove to be a little overwhelming. A more managable way to stay connected is with Group Text and Group Chats on social media are real plus.

5. Social Media

I don’t need to mention them by name, you already know the big social networking sites that so many already use to stay in touch with each other. The one negative is their lack of privacy and the fact that they do lack privacy. Lets face it, some conversations are better suited to stay “in the family.” For that you’ll want to investigate private social media networks that allow you to limit participants to those you invite to join.

6. Screen Share

Share files, pictures, videos, audio, write on whiteboards, nearly a limitless array of options for those of you planning a post quarantine get together or event. While there are many paid resources in this category, don’t be afraid of the FREE options either.

7. Digitize

For years my aunt was very persistant that I needed to convert some of the old family movies into digital files. This is the perfect time to do just that! Once I am done, I can share them with my family members. You can do the same thing and not only spark great conversations from treasured memories but also give each person something wonderful to remember about this difficult time.

8. Video/Photo Editing

It’s hard to believe that the quality of the camera on the average smartphone is actually better than so many movie classics from as recently as 1976, yes, I am looking at you Mr. Lucas! Truthfully, the cameras in our smartphones are amazing and with just a little effort you can make your own masterpiece from a land not so far, far away.

Regardless of your opinion of technology, it can open the doors of communication with those you love and miss during quarantine.