If you spend a lot of hours gaming online, you need to have the right internet speeds and stability to make sure that you don’t miss a beat. You will not want to have to deal with lag, lost connections, or issues with slowdowns in your speeds that can cause you to be set back in your gaming goals. Gamers are passionate about the speed of their internet connection and are often willing to pay a premium for lightning-quick internet speeds.

If you love gaming and are tired of problems with your internet, it might be time to make a switch to a better internet package or improved speeds from your current provider. This can be particularly true if you live in an area that is rural and basic internet packages do not offer anywhere near the speeds that are required for seamless gaming. Gaming with a console might only require 4 Mbps of speed but online gaming can require significantly better upload and download speeds.

If you are ready to upgrade to the best internet for gaming, you need to know what to look for in your internet package.

What Internet Speeds Are Best for Gaming?

Mbps is the standard measure for internet bandwidth and connection speed. The higher the Mbps, the faster the connection. This is how you will need to identify the performance of your current internet and you will need to shop for an internet connection that offers higher Mbps to increase your internet performance for gaming use.

For most modern gaming needs, 3 Mbps is the bare minimum that you will require from your internet. This is the absolute minimum, however, and might not be enough for those who game online seriously or who need to be able to use the internet for other needs while they are also online and gaming. This can be insufficient for situations where you have more than one gamer in the house as well.

For online gaming, you will need a 25 Mbps connection. Serious gamers will look for speeds up to 100 Mbps for their needs. The key item that you need to remember when you are looking at connection speeds is that you need the upload and download speed to be fairly symmetrical for a good gaming experience. You can get by with a lower upload speed for regular internet users, but not when you use the internet for gaming purposes.

Most internet providers will advertise their speeds based on the download speed. Download speeds are almost always faster than upload speeds and you need to bear this in mind when you are shopping for the right internet package for gaming. Being clear about the way that these packages are described can help you to ask the right questions to ensure that you are getting the right internet for your gaming use or streaming needs. Remember that streaming and gaming are most optimal at 500 Mbps and do not get taken in by confusion regarding the advertised speeds based on download speeds and not upload speeds.

Another consideration that you need to have in mind is that your router is a part of the puzzle. If you do not have the right router, you will not be able to access the maximum speeds that you are paying for. Many internet providers will suggest that you use their routers for their premier speed packages because this prevents reduced speeds that are related to the router. This is often a simple matter of allowing someone to come and set up the router and you might not even be charged anything extra per month for this device.

Choosing an internet package for your gaming needs can be difficult if there are not many providers in your area, but you can always call and inquire about the speeds that you are looking for. Most internet providers are aware that gamers need superior internet speeds when compared to regular users and they will offer you access to a premier internet package for a small added charge. Be careful to ask about the cost before you decide to go ahead with a contract since some providers will charge quite a lot more for increased speeds.

Consider Connection Type

One of the ways that you can make sure to access the full potential of your internet package is to forego using Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. A Wired connection is almost always much faster than a Wi-Fi connection and many people who are committed gamers will simply connect with an ethernet cable right to their router. This might not work for your unique office or home setup, but it can resolve various issues that you might be having with your internet download and upload speeds.

Using the right router can solve many of these issues and allow you the chance to sit anywhere in your home and game on your laptop, for example. Just remember that you need to make sure that you are able to use the maximum potential of your internet if you are going to pay for increased speeds and a higher-performance connection.

gigFAST Internet for Gaming Use

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