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Supported Devices


Amazon Fire TV

Apple TV

NOTE: Newer Models of the listed devices and Smart TVs equipped with Amazon, Roku and/or AppleTV software may work in most cases but are not guaranteed.

Install and Users Instructions

RTA provides you the material to enjoy the entire gigFAST TV experience.
Below, you will find downloadable guides to help you with the installation and use of our service for each compatible device.
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The tabs are working. Please, note, that you have to add a template to the library in order to be able to display it inside the tabs.
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Pricing and availability may vary by location


gigFAST™ speeds
Stay connected with all of your devices
Unlimited data and no annual contract
Fiber offers same speeds up and down. Great for video conferencing
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Hear the voices that matter to you
Stay connected with unlimited calling anywhere in North America, Mexico, and beyond!
RTA Voice has no added taxes or fees,and no dropped calls.
Plus, in the event of an emergency 911 finds you when you call from your home phone.
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It’s time to cut the cable and satellite!
Get all the great cable channels without all the great cable hassles
Only HD channels. Stop paying for unwanted SD channels
Watch any live channel for up to 72 hours
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